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Are there any Chicago-based entertainment journalists that I can completely trust? [05 Dec 2013|02:36pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Hi, soapzone, I'm cassiehicks89, 46 years old, and unemployed, yet looking for a job. I know that I'm not a journalist myself, so let me cut to the chase with you.: I'm looking for a journalist(local) who can share my hopes and dreams, as far as my three topics are concerned........someone who can interview me with them, that have to do with soap opera stars and music......someone who knows ALL kinds of soaps, daytime, primetime, Web, and also knows ALL studio locations to ALL kinds of soaps...someone who also knows my favorite singers' managers/spokespeople, so I can get most of them to become musical guests for my favorite # 1 soap opera, "All My Children"(which may be saved), so that any legendary, or new, character can sing special duets with them when they hit the stage of The Chandler Media gala, which was held in the Miranda Center last summer. If you know that down-to-earth someone, great, and I'll e-mail to her/him about my life and what my three topics are. If not, then, I'll continue to post on any community that I consider classy, until someone comments under my post. Speaking of that, please feel free to do so, when I get done posting it. Thank you and God bless.

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[03 Jun 2008|10:36am]

Soapzone is like "The Island," and has mysteriously vanished yet again...

Here Be SZ'ers
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[02 Jun 2008|11:05am]

Soapzone Is Back
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Fire at the Server Hosting SZ [01 Jun 2008|09:39pm]

Fire at where the Server was Hosted:

Webmaster World

Where have all the SZ'ers gone?
Soapzone is On Fire
SZ Refugees
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SZ has been gone since last night :-( [01 Jun 2008|03:31pm]

SZ has mysteriously vanished, I'm going into withdrawal, what to do what to do? Just saw the Sex and the City movie last night, want to see what my fellow SZ'ers thought, but can't because SZ is down.

Well I did start a temporary replacement board. I know a lot of SZ'ers are spread across LJ, Myspace etc, but I know plenty who are not.

SZ Refugees

Anyone watch Six Feet Under? [04 Aug 2003|02:31am]

[ mood | tired ]

I went and started an Ezboard for Six Feet Under. If anyone is interested, go here Six Feet Under

I hope that link works. If not then just click the URL, lol.'


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Hi all! [28 May 2003|01:22pm]

Just wanted to say hey. I just got an LJ and was looking Soapzoners. So glad to have found you.

My names WillowsAngel at SZ too! I tend to lurk.
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Hi SoapZoners! [16 May 2003|07:14am]

[ mood | awake ]

Just wanted to pop in to say Hi. I am Ellen at SZ.......don't post a lot there these days but I do hang around a lot. LOL

Drop in and say hello anytime.

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[15 May 2003|08:55am]

Hi all-- this is sort of a general post addressed to those SZers who are new to LJ. Taking surveys and quizzes and posting them in your LJ is cool and fun, but it can take up a lot of space on friends lists. So a common LJ courtesy is to put very long entries, like surveys and multiple quizzes, behind an "lj-cut" tag. You can read how to do it here. That way, they don't immediately show up in your journal or on a friends list, but if people click on the cut link, they can read all of it. :) Make sense?
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Hello All ;-) [11 May 2003|10:20am]

[ mood | amused ]

Thanks for the instructions. I've been wondering how to post here!

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Hey Caitlin - [30 Apr 2003|10:39pm]
Thanks for the instructions on how to post here :)

I'm addicted to LJ already...

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Hi SZ! [30 Apr 2003|12:44pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hullo SZers, Caitlin here. Yay Bree for setting up this community!

For those who are wondering, here's how you post to this community: When you go to "update journal," you click on "more options." Then, right below your entry, there's a setting that says "Journal to post in." Scroll to "soapzone," and your entry will post here instead of to your personal LJ.


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